Residential Solar

Solar Pro provides best-in-class energy solutions to homeowners throughout the greater metro Atlanta area. By offering the leading equipment in the industry, we maximize our ability to fit any budget. We aim to give power back to the consumer, allowing them to maximize their energy savings and manage those savings from the comfort of their home. Gone are the days of bulky equipment and overpriced installations. Solar Pro offers a wide selection of products including solar shingles, tiles, conventional panels, and more! With a new federal tax incentive and the monthly energy savings possible through solar energy, a fast return on investment (ROI) is inevitable. Contact Solar Pro today and learn how to take your financial independence to a whole new level!

What is the process?

It's simple! After a brief consultation with a Solar Pro team member and one of your utility bills our experts will design a custom proposal for your home based on your needs and goals. We will give you options so you can pick the one that benefits you the most. Once everything is just right, we get to work!


Collect Utility Bill


Custom Design


Pick the best for you


We get to work

Premium Solar Roof Systems, Backed By The Industry's Best Warranty

solar panels

Solar and Storage

Don't let bad weather and power outages put your life on hold. Ask about our solar storage options, and you can ALWAYS have clean energy to power your essentials.

Solar Shingles & Tiles

Take your home's aesthetic to the next level by installing our solar tiles and shingles and pairing them with our sleek ceramic, metal, or asphalt roofing materials

solar panels
solar panels

Premium Solar Systems

We offer world class leading technology that will give you the peace of mind that you need. Solar panels paired with micro inverter technology will give you full monitoring system that will allow you to keep track of your savings.

We can help you calculate financing!

How Solar works

These are the essential steps for the solar energy production.



Activates the panels


The Cells

Produce electrical current

electrical energy

The electrical Energy

Is converted


The converted

Electricity powers your home

net meter

A net meter

Measure usage