Backup Protection

Say goodbye to the power outages! Our integrated solutions will supply your clean energy if the grid goes down. Your smart system will automatically supply you with clean energy in a matter of milliseconds that will keep all your appliances running for days. Your system will keep on feeding your home and recharging your battery bank with sunlight to produce a perpetual energy supply.

Solar Pro selects the highest quality system components in the market to protect your investments.

Enphase Energy (Up to 15 year or up to 4,000 cycles)

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Sonnen (Up to 15 year or 15,000 cycles warranty)

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Complete Solar system

Solar pro provides you with a completely customized solar system design. From shingles to batteries, our Engineers create a top-of-line solar energy system to tailor your individual needs

Solar Pro Installation

Each Solar Pro installation comes with a power production warranty and a no leak guarantee. Since we are licensed roofers and solar installers, we bring you the best of both worlds with a warranty that is safe backed by our licensing board

State of the art solar system:

By working with the top household solar brands our work is not only backed by us but also the leading manufacturers in the industry

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