Financing Available

At Solar Pro, we understand that financial planning is an important part of your life. Our financial simulation tool provides you with projected costs based on the plan you select, however, please note that these projections are subject to change based on a number of variables such as market conditions, economic trends, and other factors.

The data in this table is provided for simulation purposes and is based on cost projections supplied by the funder. You can use it as a guide to estimate potential costs.

By using our financial simulation tool, you agree to the terms of this policy.

House Average InformationHouse Values
Monthly Utility Payment$ 100.00
Monthly Consumption (kWh)780
System Size (kW DC)6.5
System Losses14%
Solar System Total Cost$ 20,000.00
Lowest Loan Monthly PaymentAmount to pay per monthInterest Rate
5 years$ 292.728.99%
10 years$ 173.642.99%
15 years$ 130.862.99%
20 years$ 121.427.99%
25 years$ 111.696.49%

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